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      This routine implements a "smart" resizeable graphics window.
      It is used as a wrapper for built-in IDL graphics procedures
      such as SURFACE, CONTOUR, PLOT, SHADE_SURF, etc. In additon,
      it can be used to display any user-written graphics procedure
      so long as that procedure follows three simple rules: (1) It
      does not open it's own graphics windows, (2) It is defined with
      no more than ten positional arguments (an unlimited number
      of keyword arguments are allowed), and (3) It is defined
      with an _EXTRA keyword.
      Keyword arguments permit the window to have its own portion
      of a color table and to be able to change the colors loaded in
      that portion of the color table. Colors are updated
      automatically on both 8-bit and 24-bit color displays. In
      addition, the window colors can "protect" themselves. I mean
      by this that the window can re-load its own colors into the
      color table when the cursor is moved over the window. This
      prevents other applications from changing the colors used to
      display data in this window. (This is an issue mainly in
      IDL 5.x applications where widget applications can run
      concurrently with commands from the IDL command line.)
      Keyword arguments also permit the window to create output
      files of its contents. These files can be color and
      gray-scale PostScript, GIF, TIFF, or JPEG files.


      ************* CM 19 Jan 1999 VERSION **********
      Craig B. Markwardt, NASA/GSFC Code 662, Greenbelt, MD 20770
      Originally by:
      David Fanning, Ph.D.
      2642 Bradbury Court
      Fort Collins, CO 80521 USA
      Phone: 970-221-0438
      E-mail: davidf@dfanning.com
      Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming: http://www.dfanning.com


      Widgets, Graphics.

Calling Sequence

      XWINDOW, command, P1, P2, ... , keywords=..., ...

Required Inputs

      COMMAND: The graphics procedure command to be executed. This parameter
      must be a STRING. Examples are 'SURFACE', 'CONTOUR', 'PLOT', etc.

Optional Inputs

      Pn: A positional parameter appropriate for the graphics command.
          Any number of parameters between 0 and 10 may be given.

Input Keyword Parameters

      CPMENU: Setting this keyword adds a "Color Protection" button to the
      "Controls" menu. Color protection can then be turned ON or OFF for the
      window. Otherwise, the color protection scheme used to open the window
      cannot be changed once the window is open. (See the PROTECT keyword.)
      The default is to have this keyword OFF.
      ERASE: Setting this keyword "erases" the contents of the current
      graphics window before re-executing the graphics command. For example,
      this keyword might need to be set if the graphics "command" is TVSCL.
      The default is to NOT erase the display before reissuing the graphics
      _EXTRA: This keyword forms an anonymous structure of any unrecognized
      keywords passed to the program. The keywords must be appropriate
      for the graphics command being executed.
      GROUP_LEADER: The group leader for this program. When the group leader
      is destroyed, this program will be destroyed.
      OUTPUT: Set this keyword if you want a "File Output" menu on
      the menu bar. The default is to have this item turned OFF.
      JUST_REGISTER: If this keyword is set, the XWINDOW program is just
      registered with XMANAGER, but XMANAGER doesn't run. This is
      useful, for example, if you want to open an XWINDOW window in
      the widget definition module of another widget program.
      NO_CHANGE_CONFIG: Normally as the XWINDOW graphics window is resized
      the size (or aspect ratio, in the case of PostScript) of the
      hardware configuration dialogs change to reflect the new size of
      the graphics window. This results in file output that resembles
      the current graphics window in size and aspect ratio. If you want
      the file output dialogs to remember their current configuration
      even as the window is resized, set this keyword.
      NOMENU: Setting this keyword results in a graphics window without
      menu items. The default is to have a "Controls" menu item in the
      window menu bar with a "Quit" button. Setting this keyword
      automatically turns of the COLORS, OUTPUT, and CPMENU menu
      choices. (Note that the values specified by the COLORS keyword
      will still be valid for color protection, but no "Change Colors..."
      menu item will appear.)
      PROTECT: If this keyword is set, color protection for the draw
      widget is turned ON. What this means is that the window colors
      (see the XCOLOR keyword) will be restored when the cursor enters
      the draw widget window. This prevents someone at the IDL command
      line in IDL 5.0 from changing the window display colors permanently.
      WTITLE: This is the window title. It is the string "Resizeable
      COMMAND Window (1)" by default, where COMMAND is the input
      parameter. And the number (1 in this case) is the window
      index number of the draw widget.
      WXPOS: This is the initial X offset of the window. Default is to
      position the window in the approximate middle of the display.
      WYPOS: This is the initial Y offset of the window. Default is to
      position the window in the approximate middle of the display.
      WXSIZE: This is the initial X size of the window. Default is 400
      WYSIZE: This is the initial Y size of the window. Default is 400
      XCOLORS: Using this keyword adds a "Change Colors..." button to the
      "Controls" menu. Set this keyword to the number of colors available
      in the window and the starting index of the first color. For example,
      to allow the window access to 100 colors, starting at color index 50
      (i.e., color indices 50 to 149), use XColor=[100, 50]. If you use the
      keyword syntax "/XColor", all the colors available will be used, not just
      one color. If the keyword is set to a scalar value greater than 1, the
      starting color index is set to 0. The default value for this keyword
      is [(!D.N_COLORS < 256), 0]. Note that color "protection" may be
      turned on (via the PROTECT keyword) even if this keyword is NOT used.

Output Keyword Parameters

      DRAWID: This keyword returns the draw widget identifier of the draw
      widget created in XWINDOW.
      TOP: This keyword returns the identifier of the top-level base widget
      created by XWINDOW.
      WID: This keyword returns the window index number of the draw widget
      created in XWINDOW.

Common Blocks


Side Effects

      If color protection is ON, the window colors are reloaded when the
      cursor enters the XWINDOW graphics windows.
  RESTRICTIONS: This program requires three additional programs from
      the Fanning Software Consulting library: PSWINDOW, PS_FORM (CM
      version; available at
      http://astrog.physics.wisc.edu/~craigm/idl), and XCOLORS. You
      might also want to get the program TVIMAGE if you will be
      displaying images in XWINDOW graphics windows.
      If the "command" program requires keywords that are also keywords
      to XWINDOW, then you must use the keyword twice on the command line.


      To display a surface in the window, type:
      XWINDOW, 'SURFACE', Dist(20), Charsize=1.5
      To enable the Change Colors and File Output menu items, type:
      XWINDOW, 'SHADE_SURF', Dist(30), /XColors, /Output

Modification History

      Written by: David Fanning, October 96.
      XSIZE and YSIZE keywords changed to WXSIZE and WYSIZE so as not to
          conflict with these keywords on other programs. 14 April 1997, DWF.
        Updated as non-blocking widget for IDL 5.0. 14 April 1997, DWF.
        Extensively modified to work on either 8-bit or 24-bit displays,
          to enable color protection schemes, to send the contents to a
          number of different output files, and to give the user choices
          about which menu items to enable. 21 April 1997, DWF.
        Renamed COLORS keyword to XCOLORS and fixed a problem cancelling
          out of File Configuration dialogs. 23 April 1997, DWF.
        Modification: Craig Markwardt, 21 October 1997
          Added capability for up to ten positional parameters
        Modification: CM 15 May 1998
          PS_FORM dependencies are not hardcoded now. Requires
          CM version of PS_FORM function.
        Modification: CM 19 Jan 1999
          Added Parent keyword to widget invocation of PS_FORM, and
          make widgets MODAL-safe.

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