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    Display a string array in a text widget with a simple search capability.


    Similar to the IDL XDISPLAYFILE procedure but includes a search capbility.

Calling Sequence

    xdispstr, array, [/BLOCK, WIDTH= , HEIGHT=, TITLE=, GROUP_LEADER=, FONT=
                      TOP_LINE = ]

Input Parameter

    array - String array (.e.g. FITS header) to be displayed

Optional Input Keyword Parameters

    block - Set to 1 to make widget blocking. Default = block=0
    width, height - Scalars giving number of characters per line, number
                          of lines. Default = 80x24
    title - Scalar Title for outermost base widget.
    group_leader - Group leader for top level base.
    top_line - first line in the string array to display (default is 0)
    font - Display font for text.

Modification History

    Written by R. S. Hill, RITSS, 17 Nov 2000
    Use cumulative keyword to TOTAL W. Landsman May 2006

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