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      Demonstrate the basic capabilities of procedures WCSSPH2XY & WCSXY2SPH


      Mapping and Auxilary FITS Demo Routine

Calling Sequence

      .run wcs_demo: compiles wcs_demo and the supporting demo routines
      wcs_demo: run the demo

Input Parameters


Output Parameters



      This is a demo program which is meant to call the routines
      wcssph2xy.pro and wcsxy2sph.pro. Since the purpose of this
      routine is both to show what the routines can do and what the
      user has to do, a file is created with all of the commands
      needed to complete the desired operation. Wcs_demo actually
      executes this command file, so the user can exactly duplicate
      the results by simply re-executing this file. Also, this
      allows a user to edit an already existing file which calls
      wcssph2xy.pro and wcsxy2sph.pro properly and extend the file's
      usefulness. This demo program allows several possible tests.
      The first option is to simply draw a grid of evenly spaced
      latitude and longitude lines in a particular map transformation.
      Another possibility is to do a full loop, creating a Cartesian
      grid of latitude and longitude lines and calling wcssph2xy.pro
      to convert them to a particular map. Then, wcsxy2sph.pro is
      called to invert the process and the difference between the
      original and final latitudes and longitudes can be plotted.
      This allows one to assess the level of the numerical errors
      introduced by the mapping routines. A third possible option is to
      look at some of the map transformations and include rotations of
      the reference points so that a different perspective is given.

Common Blocks


Procedures Called


Copyright Notice

      Copyright 1991, The Regents of the University of California. This
      software was produced under U.S. Government contract (W-7405-ENG-36)
      by Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is operated by the
      University of California for the U.S. Department of Energy.
      The U.S. Government is licensed to use, reproduce, and distribute
      this software. Neither the Government nor the University makes
      any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any liability or
      responsibility for the use of this software.


      Rick Balsano

Modifications/revision Level

      1.1 8/31/93
      1.2 3/19/96 - J. Bloch - LANL
                        - Made compatible with wcslib-2.2 by Calabretta.
      Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997
      Updated for conical projections W. Landsman July 2003

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