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      Create "Mongo"-like polygonal plot symbols


      This procedure generates a subset of Mongo-like plot symbols.
      The symbols are the rotationally symmetric ones that have
      a specified number of vertices and are either open or filled.
      (The half-filled symbols are not included.) After defining the
      plot symbol with VSYM, make the call to PLOT (or PLOTS or OPLOT) with



Calling Sequence

      VSYM, Nvert

Input Positional Parameters

      Nvert: Number of vertices in plot symbol. Maximum value
                  used is 24.

Input Keyword Parameters

      STAR: Set this flag to get a star. E.g.,
                  vsym, 5,/star gets you a pentagram.
      SKELETON: Set this flag to get an asterisk-like symbol, where
                  the center is connected to each vertex. E.g.,
                  vsym, 4, /skel gets you an X.
      POLYGON: Set this flag to get a regular polygon. This is
                  the default symbol type.
      FILL: Set this flag to get filled symbol. Default=open
      ROT: Rotation of symbol about center, in degrees.
                  E.g., vsym, 4, rot=45 gets you a diamond, whereas
                  vsym, 4 gets you a square.
      THICK: Line thickness of symbol. Default=!P.thick

Modification History

      Written by: R. S. Hill, RITSS, 2 Oct 98

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