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  These routines define a vector data type. This vector class differs
  from an array in that it grows as necessary to accomodate new
  data. This enhancement comes at some expense of convenience:
  -- The vector carries the baggage associated with objects (they
      must be created with obj_new, and destroyed with obj_destroy)
  -- Manipulating the data inside a vector is more cumbersome (it
      must be done through the vector methods, instead of simple
      syntax like array[3:5] = 10. Adding data is also less flexible;
      data must be added in contiguous chunks (as opposed to
      operations like array[[1,2,5,7]] = [9,8,7,6]
  This vector class is distinct from the stack class, in that data
  can be accessed and modified anywhere in a vector. In a stack,
  objects can only be added to and retrieved from the top of the stack.


  Data Types

Calling Sequence

  newVector = obj_new('vector')

Class Structure

  class = {vector,
          data : ptr_new() ;- pointer to the vector data
          top : 0L ;- the highest occupied index in data

Modification History

  May 2009: Written by Chris Beaumont

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