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This function reads the Navy gridded 10-minute global topographic data and
returns a structure containing the topographic data, along with the longitudes,
latitudes, and areas of the grid.

Calling Sequence

topo = TOPO_READ_10_MINUTE_KPB([infile])


infile : optional input file name. By default the function attempts to
read the file whose name is stored in the system variable
!TOPO_10_MINUTE_KPB, which should be set to something like this:
DEFSYSV, '!TOPO_10_MINUTE_KPB', '/bowman_lib/topo/data/10_minute_land/fnoc.bin'


topo : structure containing an array with topographic data, longitude and
latitude coordinates, and the areas of the grid boxes. Topographic data
are stored as 2-byte integers. Note: to save storage, the grid cell areas
are returned as a 1-D latitude-dependent array.


DATELINE : if set, start dataset at the international dateline. The default
is to start at the Greenwich meridian.

Author And History

K. Bowman. 2008-03-01.
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Please report bugs to k-bowman@tamu.edu.

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