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Create tic labels for labeling astronomical images.


Used to display images with right ascension or declination
axes. This routine creates labels for already determined tic
marks (every other tic mark by default)

Calling Sequence

TICLABELS, minval, numtics, incr, ticlabs, [ RA = ,DELTA = ]


minval - minimum value for labels (degrees)
numtics - number of tic marks
incr - increment in minutes for labels


ticlabs - array of charater string labels

Optional Input Keywords

/RA - if this keyword is set then the grid axis is assumed to be
a Right Ascension. Otherwise a declination axis is assumed
DELTA - Scalar specifying spacing of labels. The default is
DELTA = 2 which means that a label is made for every other tic
mark. Set DELTA=1 to create a label for every tic mark.
      FONT - scalar font graphics keyword (-1,0 or 1) for text

Procedures Used



Invalid for wide field (> 2 degree) images since it assumes that a
fixed interval in Y (or X) corresponds to a fixed interval in Dec
(or RA)

Revison History

written by B. Pfarr, 4/15/87
Added DELTA keywrd for compatibility with IMCONTOUR W. Landsman Nov 1991
Added nicer hms and dms symbols when using native PS fonts Deutsch 11/92
Added Patch for bug in IDL <2.4.0 as explained in NOTES E. Deutsch 11/92
Fix when crossing 0 dec or 24h RA
Fix DELTA keyword so that it behaves according to the documentation
W. Landsman Hughes STX, Nov 95
      Allow sub arcsecond formatting W. Landsman May 2000
      Better formatting for non-unity DELTA values W. Landsman July 2004
      Allow FONT keyword to be passed. T. Robishaw Apr. 2006
      Write 0h rather than 24h W. L. August 2008
      Fix problem when tic values is exactly 0 degrees Mar 2012

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