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      Create a basic ST header file from an IDL array prior to writing data.

Calling Sequence

      sxmake, Unit, File, Data, Par, Groups, Header, [ PSIZE = ]


      Unit = Logical unit number from 1 to 9.
      File = file name of data and header files to create. If no file name
              extension is supplied then the default is to use .hhh for the
              header file extension and .hhd for the data file extension
              If an extension is supplied, it should be of the form .xxh
              where xx are any alphanumeric characters.
      Data = IDL data array of the same type, dimensions and
              size as are to be written to file.
      Par = # of elements in each parameter block for each data record. If
            set equal to 0, then parameter blocks will not be written. The
            data type of the parameter blocks must be the same as the data
            array. To get around this restriction, use the PSIZE keyword.
      Groups = # of groups to write. If 0 then write in basic
              format without groups.

Optional Input Parameters

      Header = String array containing ST header file. If this
              parameter is omitted, a basic header is constructed.
              If included, the basic parameters are added to the
              header using sxaddpar. The END keyword must terminate
              the parameters in Header.

Optional Keyword Input Parameter

        PSIZE - Integer scalar giving the number of bits in the parameter
              block. If the PSIZE keyword is given, then the Par input
              parameter is ignored.

Optional Output Parameters

      Header = ST header array, an 80 by N character array.

Common Blocks

      Stcommn - as used in sxwrite, sxopen, etc.

Side Effects

      The header file is created and written and then the
      data file is opened on the designated unit.


      Header files must be named .xxh and data files must be
      named .xxd, where xx are any alphanumeric characters.


      Call sxmake to create a header file. Then call sxwrite
      to output each group.

Procedures Used


Modification History

      DMS, July, 1983.
      converted to new VMS IDL April 90
      Use SYSTIME() instead of !STIME W. Landsman Aug 1997
      Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997
      Added optional PSIZE keyword August 1999 W. Landsman
      Recognize unsigned datatype January 2000 W. Landsman

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