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      Procedure to write an STSDAS or FITS header to disk as a *.hhh file.

Calling Sequence



      name - file name. If an extension is supplied it must be 3 characters
              ending in "h".
      h - FITS header, string array

Side Effects

      File with specified name is written. If qualifier not specified
      then .hhh is used
      SXHWRITE will modify the header in the following ways, if necessary
      (1) If not already present, an END statement is added as the
              last line. Lines after an existing END statment are
      (2) Spaces are appended to force each line to be 80 characters.
      (3) On Unix machines, a carriage return is appended at the end
              of each line. This is consistent with STSDAS and allows
              the file to be directly displayed on a stream device

Procedures Used

      zparcheck, fdecomp


      version 1 D. Lindler June 1987
      conversion cleaned up. M. Greason, June 1990
      Add carriage return at the end of Unix files W. Landsman Oct 1991
      Use SYSTIME() instead of !STIME for V5.0 compatibility Aug 1997
      Assume since V55, remove VMS support

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