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      Create a basic STSDAS header file from an IDL data array

Calling Sequence

      sxhmake, Data, Groups, Header


      Data = IDL data array of the same type, dimensions and
              size as are to be written to file.
      Groups = # of groups to be written.


      Header = String array containing ST header file.


      Call sxhmake to create a header file. Then call sxopen to
      open output image, followed by sxwrite to write the data.
      If you do not plan to change the header created by sxhmake
      before calling sxopen, you might consider using sxmake which
      does both steps.

Modification History

      Don Lindler Feb 1990 modified from SXMAKE by DMS, July, 1983.
      D. Lindler April 90 Converted to new VMS IDL
      M. Greason May 1990 Header creation bugs eliminated.
      W. Landsman Aug 1997 Use SYSTIME() instead of !STIME for V5.0
      Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997
      Recognize unsigned datatype January 2000 W. Landsman

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