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    This function will return a response from the spatial filtering of a one-, two-,
    or three-dimensional array with the provided one- or two-dimensional filter.
    If specified, this routine will properly rotate the filter before performing the
    filtering operation to perform pure mathematical convolution.


    Image Processing.

Calling Sequence

    Result = SPATIAL_FILTER( array, filter [, /ROTATE] [, /VERBOSE] )


      A one-, two-, or three-dimensional array containing the data on which to
      perform the spatial filtering.
      A one- or two-dimensional array containing the weights for the filter.

Keyword Parametrs

      An optional parameter that if set will cause the filter to be
      rotated before performing the filtering operation.
      An optional parameter that if set will cause performance timing
      information to be reported to the console.

Return Value

    Result is a double-precision array, the same size as the original array
    that contains the response of the spatial filtering. The response will be
    normalized by the weight of the filter.

Side Effects




Modification History

    Written by: Carl Salvaggio
    April, 2012 Original code


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