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      This function is an IDL version of the netCDF tutorial program SIMPLE_XY_RD.
      It reads a netCDF input file (simple_xy.nc) containing a 12 x 6 array
      of 32-bit integers. It is written as a FUNCTION rather than a PROCEDURE
      to illustrate one way that netCDF access is typically implemented in IDL.
      Note that no type or dimension definitions are required in this example.
      Properties of netCDF variables can be read from a netCDF file by using the
      appropriate query routines, but in most cases IDL will automatically obtain that
      information from the file and dynamically create variables of the necessary type
      and size.

Sample Usage

      IDL> data = simple_xy_rd()
      IDL> help, data
      DATA LONG = Array[12, 6]
      Error handling is not included in this example program. NetCDF errors will cause
      IDL to halt execution and issue an error message. These errors can
      be caught and handled by the user, if desired.

Calling Sequence

      data = SIMPLE_XY_RD()




      This function returns an array containing the data read from the netCDF file.




      Data are read from the netCDF input file 'simple_xy.nc' created by SIMPLE_XY_WR.

Author And History

      Kenneth P. Bowman. 2007-02-10. Visit http://idl.tamu.edu/ for more information.
      Copyright 2007 Kenneth P. Bowman.
      See the UNIDATA netCDF copyright file for conditions of use.

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