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F.Bringezu, denet - Internetservice, Halle Germany,


  Provide a widget interface for creating a parinfo structure.
  This parinfo structure can by used by mpfit routines of Craig B. Markwardt.

Major Topics

  Widget, mpfit.

Calling Sequence



  SetFitParm creates PARINFO using a widget interface.
  PARINFO provides constraints for paramters used by the mpfit routines.
  PARINFO is an array of structures, one for each parameter.
  A detailed description can be found in the documentation of mpcurvefit.pro
  This routine creates an array that contains a structure for each element.
  The structure has the following entries.
  - VALUE (DOUBLE): The starting parameter
  - FIXED (BOOLEAN): 1 fix the parameter, 0 don't fix it at the
    point given in VALUE.
  - LIMITS (DBLARRAY(2)): Set upper and lower limit.
  - LIMITED (BOOLEAN ARRAY 2): Fix the limit.
  The parameter OLDPARINFO is optional. OLDPARINFO is used to set
  the default values in the widget.
  You can simply run:
  test=SetFitParm() to create the array for the first time.
  Once the array is created it can be used to set the default values
  in the widget by calling


Optional Inputs

  OLDFITPARM - The default values of the new array

Input Keyword Parameters

  PARENT - if this widget is to be a child, set this keyword to the
            parent widget ID.

Output Keyword Parameters

  CANCEL - if the user selected the cancel button on the SETFITPARM
            widget, then this keyword will be set upon exit.


  PARINFO array of structures

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Modification History

  Written, FB, 12/1999
  Documented, FB, Jan 2000
  Generalized positioning code, CM 01 Feb 2000

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