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    Outlier-resistant determination of the mean and standard deviation.


    RESISTANT_Mean trims away outliers using the median and the median
    absolute deviation. An approximation formula is used to correct for
    the truncation caused by trimming away outliers

Calling Sequence

    RESISTANT_Mean, ARRAY, Sigma_CUT, Mean, Sigma_Mean, Num_RejECTED
                        [/DOUBLE, DIMENSION= , GOODVEC = ]

Input Argument

      ARRAY = Vector or array to average
      Sigma_CUT = Data more than this number of standard deviations from the
              median is ignored. Suggested values: 2.0 and up.

Output Argument

      Mean = the mean of the input array, numeric scalar, If the
            DIMENSION keyword is set, then MEAN will be an array with one
            less dimension than the input.

Optional Outputs

Sigma_Mean = the approximate standard deviation of the mean, numeric
            scalar. This is the Sigma of the distribution divided by sqrt(N-1)
            where N is the number of unrejected points. The larger
            SIGMA_CUT, the more accurate. It will tend to underestimate the
            true uncertainty of the mean, and this may become significant for
            cuts of 2.0 or less.
      Num_RejECTED = the number of points trimmed, integer scalar

Optional Input Keywords

      /DOUBLE - If set, then all calculations are performed internally
            in double precision.
      DIMENSION - for a multi-dimensional array, the dimension over which to
            take the mean, starting at 1. If not set, then the scalar mean
            over all elements is used. If this argument is present, the result
            is an array with one less dimension than Array. For example, if
            the dimensions of Array are N1, N2, N3, and Dimension is 2, then
            the dimensions of the result are (N1, N3)
      SUMDIM - Obsolete synonym for DIMENSION

Optional Output Keyword

      Goodvec - Indices of non-trimmed elements of the input vector
      Wused - synonym for Goodvec (for solarsoft compatibility)


      IDL> a = randomn(seed, 10000) ;Normal distribution with 10000 pts
      IDL> RESISTANT_Mean,a, 3, mean, meansig, num ;3 Sigma clipping
      IDL> print, mean, meansig,num
      The mean should be near 0, and meansig should be near 0.01 ( =
        1/sqrt(10000) ).

Procedures Used

      MEAN() - compute simple mean, in Exelis library

Revision History

      Written, H. Freudenreich, STX, 1989; Second iteration added 5/91.
      Use MEDIAN(/EVEN) W. Landsman April 2002
      Correct conditional test, higher order truncation correction formula
                R. Arendt/W. Landsman June 2002
      New truncation formula for sigma H. Freudenriech July 2002
      Divide Sigma_mean by Num_good rather than Npts W. Landsman/A. Conley
                          January 2006
      Use of double precision S. Bianchi February 2008
      More double precision B. Carcich December 2009
      Added DIMENSION keyword (from M. Desnoyer) B. Carcich December 2009
      Use IDL's MEAN() function instead of AVG() W. Landsman Jan 2012
      Use of Dimension keyword yielded transpose of correct value
                    W. Landsman July 2012

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