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        Read the output of the DOLPHOT photometry package when run in
        artificial star mode into easier-to-use data structures.



Calling Sequence

        Result = READFAKEDOLPHOT(Filename, FakeStarList, Nimg)


        Filename: Name of DOLPHOT output file
        FakeStarList: Name of file containing list of fake stars
        Nimg: Number of images

Keyword Parameters

        NHSTFILTERS: If this is set to a number greater than 0, the output
                      is assumed to have been generated using DOLPHOT/ACS
                      or DOLPHOT/WFC3, and to have NHSTFILTERS photometry
                      blocks at the beginning that give the combined results
                      of each filter (unless Nimg is 1). The output is also
                      assumed to both have instrumental and transformed magnitudes.
                      I don't know what DOLPHOT does with artificial stars
                      when there are more than 2 filters, so I'm just going to
                      assume that there are never more than 2 filters.


        This function outputs an array of structures, one for each star.
        The structure has the following fields:
          extension, chip, xpos, ypos, chi, sn, sharpness, roundness,
          majoraxis, crowding, objtype, counts[N], background[N],
          magnitude[N], magerr[N], imgchi[N], imgsn[N], imgsharpness[N],
          imgroundness[N], imgcrowding[N], fwhm[N], ellipticity[N],
          PSFa[N], PSFb[N], PSFc[N], errflag[N],
          input_extension, input_chip, input_xpos, input_ypos, input_counts[N],
        If NHSTFILTERS gt 0 then magnitude[N] is replaced by instmag[N]
        and transfmag[N].
        N is Nimg plus NHSTFILTERS. The HST filter information comes

Modification History

        Written by: Jeremy Bailin
        13 May 2010 Initial writing
        13 Jan 2011 Bug fixes for NHSTFILTERS ne 0

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