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        Read the output of the DOLPHOT photometry package into easier-to-
        use data structures.



Calling Sequence

        Result = READDOLPHOT(Filename, Nimg)


        Filename: Name of DOLPHOT output file
        Nimg: Number of images

Keyword Parameters

        NHSTFILTERS: If this is set to a number greater than 0, the output
                      is assumed to have been generated using DOLPHOT/ACS
                      or DOLPHOT/WFC3, and to have NHSTFILTERS photometry
                      blocks at the beginning that give the combined results
                      of each filter. The output is also assumed to both
                      have instrumental and transformed magnitudes.
        V2: If /V2 set, then read in DOLPHOT 2 output (slightly changed
                      from version 1)


        This function outputs an array of structures, one for each star.
        The structure has the following fields:
          extension, chip, xpos, ypos, chi, sn, sharpness, roundness,
          majoraxis, crowding, objtype, counts[N], background[N],
          magnitude[N], magerr[N], imgchi[N], imgsn[N], imgsharpness[N],
          imgroundness[N], imgcrowding[N], fwhm[N], ellipticity[N],
          PSFa[N], PSFb[N], PSFc[N], errflag[N].
        If NHSTFILTERS gt 0 then magnitude[N] is replaced by instmag[N]
        and transfmag[N].
        If /V2 is set, then fwhm[N], ellipticity[N], PSFa[N],
        PSFb[N] and PSFc[N] are replaced with ctcorr[N] and dctcorr[N].
        N is Nimg plus NHSTFILTERS. The HST filter information comes

Modification History

        Written by: Jeremy Bailin
        13 May 2010 Initial writing
        18 June 2011 Updated to allow DOLPHOT2 output

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