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  Query the SIMBAD/NED/Vizier astronomical name resolver to obtain coordinates


  Uses the IDL SOCKET command to query either the SIMBAD or NED nameserver
  over the Web to return J2000 coordinates. ; By default, QuerySimbad
  first queries the Simbad database, then (if no match found) the NED
  database, and then the Vizier database.
  For details on the SIMBAD service, see http://simbad.u-strasbg.fr/Simbad
  and for the NED service, see http://ned.ipac.caltech.edu/

Calling Sequence

    QuerySimbad, name, ra, dec, [ id, Found=, /NED, /CADC, ERRMSG=, /VERBOSE]


    name - a scalar string containing the target name in SIMBAD (or NED)
          nomenclature. For SIMBAD details see
          http://vizier.u-strasbg.fr/cgi-bin/Dic-Simbad .


    ra - Right ascension of the target in J2000.0 in *degrees*, scalar
    dec - declination of the target in degrees, scalar

Optional Input Keyword

    /CFA - if set, then use the Simbad server at the Center for Astrophysics
            rather than the default server in Strasbourg, France.
    ERRMSG = If defined and passed, then any error messages will be
                  returned to the user in this parameter rather than
                  depending on the MESSAGE routine in IDL. If no errors are
                  encountered, then a null string is returned.
    /NED - if set, then only the nameserver of the NASA Extragalactic database
            is used to resolve the name and return coordinates. Note that
          /NED cannot be used with Galactic objects
    /VERBOSE - If set, then the HTTP-GET command is displayed
    /PRINT - if set, then output coordinates are displayed at the terminal
            By default, the coordinates are displayed if no output parameters
          are supplied to QUERYSIMBAD
    /SILENT - If set, then don't print warnings if multiple SIMBAD objects
            correspond to the supplied name.

Optional Output

    id - the primary SIMBAD (or NED) ID of the target, scalar string
          As of June 2009, a more reliable ID seems to be found when using
          CFA (/CFA) server.

Optional Keyword Output

    found - set to 1 if the translation was successful, or to 0 if the
          the object name could not be translated by SIMBAD or NED
    Errmsg - if supplied, then any error messages are returned in this
            keyword, rather than being printed at the terminal. May be either
            a scalar or array.
    Server - Character indicating which server was actually used to resolve
          the object, 'S'imbad, 'N'ed or 'V'izier


    (1) Display the J2000 coordinates for the ultracompact HII region
      IDL> QuerySimbad,'GAL045.45+00.06'
          ===>19 14 20.77 +11 09 3.6

Procedures Used

      REPSTR(), WEBGET()


    The actual query is made to the Sesame name resolver
    ( see http://cdsweb.u-strasbg.fr/doc/sesame.htx ). The Sesame
    resolver first searches the Simbad name resolver, then NED and then

Modification History

    Written by M. Feldt, Heidelberg, Oct 2001 <mfeldt@mpia.de>
    Minor updates, W. Landsman August 2002
    Added option to use NED server, better parsing of SIMBAD names such as
          IRAS F10190+5349 W. Landsman March 2003
    Turn off extended name search for NED server, fix negative declination
    with /NED W. Landsman April 2003
    Use Simbad Sesame sever, add /Verbose, /CADC keywords
      B. Stecklum, TLS Tautenburg/ W. Landsman, Feb 2007
    Update NED query to account for new IPAC format, A. Barth March 2007
    Update NED query to account for another new IPAC format, A. Barth
                                                  July 2007
    Update message when NED does not find object W.L. October 2008
    Remove CADC keyword, add CFA keyword, warning if more than two
        matches W.L. November 2008
    Make NED queries through the Sesame server, add Server output
          keyword W.L. June 2009
    Don't get primary name if user didn't ask for it W.L. Aug 2009
    Added /SILENT keyword W.L. Oct 2009
    Added /PRINT keyword W.L. Oct 2011

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