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      Create a 1-d, 2-d, or 3-d Gaussian with specified FWHM, center


      Return a point spread function having Gaussian profiles,
      as either a 1D vector, a 2D image, or 3D volumetric-data.

Calling Sequence

      psf = psf_Gaussian( NPIXEL=, FWHM= , CENTROID =
                    [ /DOUBLE, /NORMALIZE, ST_DEV=, NDIMEN= ] )
      psf = psf_Gaussian( parameters, NPIXEL = ,NDIMEN = )
      NPIXEL = number pixels for each dimension, specify as an array,
              or just one number to make all sizes equal.

Optional Keywords

      CENTROID = floating scalar or vector giving position of PSF center.
              default is exact center of requested vector/image/volume.
              The number of elements in CENTROID should equal the number of
              dimensions. **The definition of Centroid was changed in
              March 2002, and now an integer defines the center of a pixel.**
      /DOUBLE = If set, then the output array is computed in double precision
              the default is to return a floating point array.
      FWHM = the desired Full-Width Half-Max (pixels) in each dimension,
              specify as an array, or single number to make all the same.
      NDIMEN = integer dimension of result: either 1 (vector), 2 (image), or
                3 (volume), default = 2 (an image result).
      /NORMALIZE causes resulting PSF to be normalized so Total( psf ) = 1.
      ST_DEV = optional way to specify width by standard deviation param.
                Ignored if FWHM is specified.
      XY_CORREL = scalar between 0 and 1 specifying correlation coefficient
              Use this keyword, for example, to specify an elliptical
              Gaussian oriented at an angle to the X,Y axis. Only valid
              for 2-dimensional case.
  INPUTS (optional):
      parameters = an NDIMEN by 3 array giving for each dimension:
                      [ maxval, center, st_dev ], overrides other keywords.


      (1) Create a 31 x 31 array containing a normalized centered Gaussian
      with an X FWHM = 4.3 and a Y FWHM = 3.6
      IDL> array = PSF_GAUSSIAN( Npixel=31, FWHM=[4.3,3.6], /NORMAL )
      (2) Create a 50 pixel 1-d Gaussian vector with a maximum of 12,
          centered at pixel 23 with a sigma of 19.2
      IDL> psf = psf_gaussian([12,23,19.2],npixel=50)

External Calls

      function Gaussian()


      To improve speed, floating underflow exceptions are suppressed (using
      the MASK=32 keyword of CHECK_MATH() rather than being flagged.


      Written, Frank Varosi NASA/GSFC 1991.
      Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997
      Suppress underflow messages, add DOUBLE keyword. **Modified centroid
      definition so integer position is pixel center** W. Landsman March 2002
      Allow use of the ST_DEV (not STDEV) keyword W. Landsman Nov. 2002
      Do not modify NPIXEL input keyword W. Landsman

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