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  Projects a given vector onto the vector space defined by the
  principal compents, and returns the result


  data: A vector to project

Keyword Parameters

  nterm: Set to an integer to project onto only the first nterm
        principal components.
  coeffs: Set to a variable to hold the coefficients of the linear
        combination of principal components. In other words, result
        = sum( coeff[i] * PC_i )


  The projection of the input onto the principal components. This is
  equivalent to sum(coeff[i] * PC_i) where coeff[i] = sum(data *

Modification History

  March 2010: Written by Chris Beaumont
  April 2010: Fixed a bug that crashed this function when called with
              only one data point. cnb
  April 2010: Number of returned coeffs matches nterm. cnb.
  August 2010: Truncated intermediate arrays when nterm <
              ndim. Speeds up execution. cnb.
  August 10 2010: Further optimization when nterm < ndim. cnb.
  August 18 2010: Fixed spelling error in definition of get_mean. cnb.

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