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      Plot the histogram of an array with the corresponding abcissa.

Calling Sequence

      plothist, arr, xhist, yhist, [, BIN=, /FILL, /NOPLOT, /OVERPLOT, PEAK=,
                                    /AUTOBIN, ...plotting keywords]


      arr - The array to plot the histogram of. It can include negative
            values, but non-integral values will be truncated.

Optional Outputs

      xhist - X vector used in making the plot
              ( = lindgen( N_elements(h)) * bin + min(arr) )
      yhist - Y vector used in making the plot (= histogram(arr/bin))

Optional Input Keywords

      /AUTOBIN - Automatically determines bin size of the histogram as the
                square root of the number of samples. Only valid when BIN
                is not set.
      AXISCOLOR - Color (string or number) of the plotting axes.
      BIN - The size of each bin of the histogram, scalar (not necessarily
            integral). If not present (or zero), the bin size is set to 1.
      /BOXPLOT - If set, then each histogram data value will be plotted
            "box style" with vertical lines drawn from Y=0 at each end of
              the bin width
      COLOR - Color (number or string) of the plotted data. See CGCOLOR
              for a list of available color names.
      /HALFBIN - Set this keyword to a nonzero value to shift the binning by
              half a bin size. This is useful for integer data, where e.g.
              the bin for values of 6 will go from 5.5 to 6.5. The default
              is to set the HALFBIN keyword for integer data, and not for
              non-integer data.
      /NAN - If set, then check for the occurence of IEEE not-a-number values
      /NOPLOT - If set, will not plot the result. Useful if intention is to
            only get the xhist and yhist outputs.
      /OVERPLOT - If set, will overplot the data on the current plot. User
            must take care that only keywords valid for OPLOT are used.
      PEAK - if non-zero, then the entire histogram is normalized to have
            a maximum value equal to the value in PEAK. If PEAK is
            negative, the histogram is inverted.
      /FILL - if set, will plot a filled (rather than line) histogram.
      /ROTATE - if set, the plot is rotated onto it's side, meaning the bars
            extend from left to right. Xaxis corresponds to the count within
            in each bin. Useful for placing a histogram plot
            at the side of a scatter plot, as shown at the bottom of
      WINDOW - Set this keyword to plot to a resizeable graphics window
  The following keywords take effect only if the FILL keyword is set:
      FCOLOR - color (string or number) to use for filling the histogram
      /FLINE - if set, will use lines rather than solid color for fill (see
              the LINE_FILL keyword in the cgcolorfill routine)
      FORIENTATION - angle of lines for fill (see the ORIENTATION keyword
              in the cgcolorfill routine)
      FPATTERN - the pattern to use for the fill (see the PATTERN keyword
              in the cgcolorfill routine)
      FSPACING - the spacing of the lines to use in the fill (see the SPACING
              keyword in the cgcolorfill routine)
      FTHICK - the thickness of the lines to use in the fill (see the THICK
              keyword in the cgcolorfill routine)
  Any input keyword that can be supplied to the cgPLOT procedure (e.g. XRANGE,
    AXISCOLOR, LINESTYLE, /XLOG, /YLOG) can also be supplied to PLOTHIST.


      (1) Create a vector of random 1000 values derived from a Gaussian of
      mean 0, and sigma of 1. Plot the histogram of these values with a
      binsize of 0.1, and use a box plotting style.
      IDL> a = randomn(seed,1000)
      IDL> plothist,a, bin = 0.1, /boxplot
      (2) As before, but fill the plot with diagonal lines at a 45 degree
      IDL> plothist,a, bin=0.1, /fill, /fline, forient=45


      David Fanning has written a similar program HISTOPLOT with more graphics
      options: See http://www.idlcoyote.com/programs/histoplot.pro

Modification History

        Written W. Landsman January, 1991
        Add inherited keywords W. Landsman March, 1994
        Use ROUND instead of NINT W. Landsman August, 1995
        Add NoPlot and Overplot keywords. J.Wm.Parker July, 1997
        Add Peak keyword. J.Wm.Parker Jan, 1998
        Add FILL,FCOLOR,FLINE,FPATTERN,FSPACING keywords. J.Wm.Parker Jan, 1998
        Add /NAN keyword W. Landsman October 2001
        Don't plot out of range with /FILL, added HALFBIN keyword, make
        half bin shift default for integer only W. Landsman/J. Kurk May 2002
        Add BOXPLOT keyword, use exact XRANGE as default W.L. May 2006
        Allow use of /XLOG and /YLOG keywords W.L. June 2006
        Adjust Ymin when /YLOG is used W. L. Sep 2007
        Added AXISCOLOR keyword, fix color problem with overplots WL Nov 2007
        Check when /NAN is used and all elements are NAN S. Koposov Sep 2008
        Added /ROTATE keyword to turn plot on its side. J. Mullaney, 2009.
        Added FTHICK keyword for thickness of fill lines. L. Anderson Oct. 2010
        Use Coyote Graphics W. Landsman Feb 2011
        Explicit XSTYLE, YSTYLE keywords to avoid _EXTRA confusion WL. Aug 2011
        Fix PLOT keyword problem with /ROTATE WL Dec 2011

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