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  Craig B. Markwardt, NASA/GSFC Code 662, Greenbelt, MD 20770


  Makes a plot in a histogram style.

Calling Sequence

  PLOTBIN, x, y, WIDTH=width, PIXCENTER=pixcenter, ...


  PLOTBIN makes an unfilled histogram plot. The width of each
  histogram bin can be specified individually, and the alignment of
  the bin centers can be given explicitly.
  PLOTBIN accepts several specialized keyword parameters of its own,
  but passes any other keywords to the built-in IDL PLOT procedure.
  Thus, any keywords accepted by PLOT can be passed to PLOTBIN.
  PLOTBIN uses the PANEL/SUBPANEL system to partition the viewport.


  X, Y - Two arrays which give the "X" and "Y" position of each bin.
          If only the Y values are given, then the X values will be
          the bin numbers.

Optional Inputs


Input Keyword Parameters

  PANEL, SUBPANEL - An alternate way to more precisely specify the
                    plot and annotation positions. See SUBCELL.
                    Default is full-screen. Overridden by POSITION.
  WIDTH - The width of each histogram bin. If a scalar, then the
          width is assumed to be the same for all histogram bins.
          If a vector, then WIDTH should have the same number of
          elements as X and Y, and specify the width of each
          individual bin.
          Default value: width is the separation between the first
                          two X values.
  PIXCENTER - Describes the alignment of "X" values with respect to
              the histogram bin centers:
                  PIXCENTER = 0.0 -- "X" values are left edges of bins
                            = 0.5 -- "X" values are bin centers
                            = 1.0 -- "X" values are right edges of bins
              Intermediate values are also permitted.
              Default value: 0.5 ("X" values are bin centers)
  MIDPOINT - if set, then ignore the WIDTH and PIXCENTER keyword
              values, and instead construct bin edges which lie at
              the midpoints between data points. This is usually the
              most straightforward way to connect irregularly sampled
              points "like a histogram," although at the expense of
              not having a direct relation between X and the bin
  EDGE - if set, then the X values will be taken to be the bin edges
          rather than the bin midpoints. In this case, the number of
          X values should be one more than the number of Y values.
  PLOTVERT - plot "vertically", that is, X is vertical and Y is
  Other options are passed along to the PLOT command directly.





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Modification History

  Written, CM, 1997
  Documented, CM, July 1999
  Added MIDPOINT keyword, 21 Feb 2000
  Added EDGE keyword, 21 Apr 2000
  Corrected way that PIXCENTER works (Thanks to
    J. Guerber), CM, 28 Mar 2002
  Changed _EXTRA handling to use EXECUTE internally. Unfortunately
    makes it incompatible with VM version of IDL, 03 Aug 2003, CM
  Remove EXECUTE function, move to CALL_PROCEDURE, 23 Nov 2003, CM
  Add PLOTVERT keyword, 19 Apr 2004, CM

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