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    Takes a set of X,Y data and plots the mean y value for points
    binned by their x coordinate.



Calling Sequence



    X: Array containing x coordinates of data points.
    Data: Array containing y coordinates of data points.
    Bin: Bin width, in x coordinates (if positive) or in
          data points per bin (if negative).

Keyword Parameters

    MIN: Minimum value for bins. Default: minimum value of X.
    MAX: Maximum value for bins. Default: maximum value of X.
    OX: Optional output of x coordinates of bins.
    ODATA: Optional output of plotted y values.
    OERR: Optional output 2xNbin array containg the ends of the
              error bars.
    DX: Shifts the x coordinates of the plot locations (only on
              the plot, not in OX).
    ERRORBAR: If /ERRORBAR is set, then error bars are plotted in the y
              direction. The size of the error bar is the statistical
              error in the mean (or, if /MEDIAN is set, the range
              containing the fraction CONFLIMIT of the data).
    CONFLIMIT: Fraction of the data to enclose in the error bar if
              /MEDIAN is set. For example, use CONFLIMIT=0.9 to
              plot the 5th to 95th percentile range.
    MEDIAN: If /MEDIAN is set then plot the median Y value instead
              of the mean.
    ROBUST: If /ROBUST is set then use ROBUST_MEAN to calculate the
              mean Y value. Not compatible with /MEDIAN.
    HORIZONTALBAR: If /HORIZONTALBAR is set then the routine plots a
                    horizontal line that spans each bin.
    OVERPLOT: If /OVERPLOT is set then overplot binned data points on
              an existing plot.
    NOPLOT: If /NOPLOT is set then do not create a plot. Useful if
              you just want to extract the values using the O...
  COLOR: Color of plotted points and error bars.
  HISTOGRAM: Outputs the histogram of number of Data values that
              contributed to each bin. Not compatible with negative
              values for Bin.
  REVERSE_INDICES: Outputs the reverse indices of the histogram.
                    Not compatible with negative values for Bin.
  WINDOW: Sets the /WINDOW keyword in Coyote Graphics.
  ADDCMD: Sets the /ADDCMD keyword in Coyote Graphics.
  _Extra: Extra keywords are passed through to CGPLOT.


    x = 0.1*FINDGEN(20)
    y = 10. * x^2 + RANDOMN(seed, 20)
    PLOT, PSYM=3, x, y

Modification History

    Written by: Jeremy Bailin
    12 June 2008 Public release in JBIU
    3 May 2009 When BIN<0, make all bins have approximately the
                  same number of elements instead of sticking any
                  excess elements in the final bin.
    12 July 2010 Added /ROBUST keyword.
    31 July 2010 Added HISTOGRAM and REVERSE_INDICES keywords.
    11 March 2011 Switched to Coyote Graphics.

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