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      The purpose of this routine is to parse the name of an NSIDC image
      file so that the program can call the specific file reading program
      that returns the image and information about the image. When this
      information is provided, this program creates and returns an
      NSIDC image object.
      If you wanted to modify the DataViewer program, for example, to
      read another type of NSIDC image, you would first add a section
      to this file that could identify an image of that type from its
      filename. Then you would call the reader for that program (which
      you would also have to write). The reader would read the file,
      extract the image and information about the image, which this
      program can then package into the NSIDC image object.


      David W. Fanning, Ph.D
      National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
      NSIDC/CIRES University of Colorado
      Boulder, CO 80309
      E-Mail: fanning@nsidc.org


      File Reading.


      nsidcImage = Parse_NSIDC_Filename(filename)

Return Value

      nsidcImage: Either an NSIDC_IMAGE object, or the actual image data, depending
                    upon whether the RETURN_IMAGE keyword is set.


      filename: The name of an NSIDC image file. Or, alternatively, any
                    the name of any image file capable of being read by READ_IMAGE.
                    That is JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc. files.

Input Keywords

      RETURN_IMAGE: Set this keyword to have the function return the actual image
                      data, rather than packaging the image up into an NSIDC_IMAGE

Output Keywords

        INFO: An output structure containing information about the image. The structure
                      varies, depending upon the image, but a typical structure looks like this:
                        info = {directory : "", $ ; The image directory
                                filename: "", $ ; The image file name
                                extension: "", $ ; The image file extension
                                gpd: "", $ ; The geographical location
                                year: 0, $ ; The year
                                doy: 0, $ ; The day-of-year.
                                missing: 0.0, $ ; The missing value.
                                nsidc_tag: "", $ ; An image tag, e.g., nsidc-0032
                                direction: "", $ ; The direction of satellite travel
                                frequency: "", $ ; The frequency of radiation sampled
                                polarization: "", $ ; The image polarization
                                colorChangeAllowed: 0, $ ; Set to 1 if color change allowed for image
                                colorChangeNColors: 0, $ ; Number of colors that can change in image
                                xsize: 0, $ ; The X size of the image
                                ysize: 0, $ ; The Y size of the image
                                sclmin: 0.0, $ ; The minimum value for image scaling.
                                sclmax: 0.0, $ ; The maximum value for image scaling.
                                mapinfo: {mapStruct:mapStruct, xrange:xrange, yrange:yrange} } ; Map information.
        SUCCESS: Set to 1 if the file was successfully read, otherwise to 0.

Modification History

      Written by: David W. Fanning, 23 June 2008.
      Added nsidc-0342 SSM/I Near Real Time Brightness Temperatures. 22 June 2009. DWF.

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