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  Draw a line around regions on a contour plot.



Calling Sequence

  Outline_Regions, map, x, y $
                  , COLOUR = colour $
                  , THICK = thick $
                  , LINESTYLE = linestyle


  map: an array defining the regions
        lines are drawn between points with 1 and anything else that is
        positive or zero.
        map is a two-d array of 0 and 1 (also negative values now),
        since lines are drawn between 0s and 1s it doesn't matter
        which of them represents land. No lines are drawn between
        ones and negative values.
  x: the column coordinate vector for the map used for mapping the
      lines onto a previously established scaling
  y: the row coordinate vector for the map

Keyword Parameters

    COLOUR: a colour table index to use drawing the outlines.
    THICK: the IDL line thickness to use when drawing the outlines.
    LINESTYLE: the IDL line style to be used when drawing the outlines.

Side Effects

  The contents of the current plotting device are changed.

Modification History

  Written by: Edward C. Wiebe, 1999-02-12.
  Modified by: ECW, 17 July 2000 (some new rules were needed. Added
              a test for negative values in the map.)

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