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    This function uses Otsu's method to automatically perform histogram shape-based
    image thresholding, or, the reduction of a gray-level image to a binary image.
    The algorithm assumes that the image to be thresholded contains two classes of
    pixels (e.g. foreground and background) then calculates the optimum threshold
    separating those two classes so that their combined spread (inter-class variance)
    is maximal.


    Image Processing.

Calling Sequence

    Result = OTSU_THRESHOLD( image [, THRESHOLDED_IMAGE=thresholdedImage] [, /VERBOSE] )


      A two-dimensional greyscale image array containing the data to be thresholded.

Keyword Parametrs

      An optional parameter specifying a named variable to contain the binary image
      computed using the determined threshold.
      An optional parameter that if set will cause a plot of the image histogram
      depicting the threshold value to be displayed.

Return Value

    Result is a scalar containing the determined threshold.

Side Effects




Modification History

    Written by: Carl Salvaggio
    April, 2011 Original code
    October, 2012 Vectorized to run significantly faster (using the
                      recommended modifications provided by Gianguido Cianci)


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