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      Return longitude, latitude, altitude & time zones of an observatory


      Given an observatory name, returns a structure giving the longitude,
      latitude, altitude, and time zone

Calling Sequence

      Observatory, obsname, obs_struct, [ /PRINT ]


      obsname - scalar or vector string giving abbreviated name(s) of
            observatories for which location or time information is requested.
            If obsname is an empty string, then information is returned for
            all observatories in the database. See the NOTES: section
            for the list of 41 recognized observatories. The case of the
            string does not matter


      obs_struct - an IDL structure containing information on the specified
                observatories. The structure tags are as follows:
      .observatory - abbreviated observatory name
      .name - full observatory name
      .longitude - observatory longitude in degrees *west*
      .latitude - observatory latitude in degrees
      .altitude - observatory altitude in meters above sea level
      .tz - time zone, number of hours *west* of Greenwich

Optional Input Keyword

    /PRINT - If this keyword is set, (or if only 1 parameter is supplied)
            then OBSERVATORY will display information about the specified
            observatories at the terminal


    Get the latitude, longitude and altitude of Kitt Peak National Observatory
    IDL> observatory,'kpno',obs
    IDL> print,obs.longitude ==> 111.6 degrees west
    IDL> print,obs.latitude ==> +31.9633 degrees
    IDL> print,obs.altitude ==> 2120 meters above sea level


  Observatory information is taken from noao$lib/obsdb.dat file in IRAF 2.11
  Currently recognized observatory names are as follows:
  'kpno': Kitt Peak National Observatory
  'ctio': Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory
  'eso': European Southern Observatory
  'lick': Lick Observatory
  'mmto': MMT Observatory
  'cfht': Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
  'lapalma': Roque de los Muchachos, La Palma
  'mso': Mt. Stromlo Observatory
  'sso': Siding Spring Observatory
  'aao': Anglo-Australian Observatory
  'mcdonald': McDonald Observatory
  'lco': Las Campanas Observatory
  'mtbigelow': Catalina Observatory: 61 inch telescope
  'dao': Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
  'spm': Observatorio Astronomico Nacional, San Pedro Martir
  'tona': Observatorio Astronomico Nacional, Tonantzintla
  'Palomar': The Hale Telescope
  'mdm': Michigan-Dartmouth-MIT Observatory
  'NOV': National Observatory of Venezuela
  'bmo': Black Moshannon Observatory
  'BAO': Beijing XingLong Observatory
  'keck': W. M. Keck Observatory
  'ekar': Mt. Ekar 182 cm. Telescope
  'apo': Apache Point Observatory
  'lowell': Lowell Observatory
  'vbo': Vainu Bappu Observatory
  'flwo': Whipple Observatory
  'oro': Oak Ridge Observatory
  'lna': Laboratorio Nacional de Astrofisica - Brazil
  'saao': South African Astronomical Observatory
  'casleo': Complejo Astronomico El Leoncito, San Juan
  'bosque': Estacion Astrofisica Bosque Alegre, Cordoba
  'rozhen': National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen - Bulgaria
  'irtf': NASA Infrared Telescope Facility
  'bgsuo': Bowling Green State Univ Observatory
  'ca': Calar Alto Observatory
  'holi': Observatorium Hoher List (Universitaet Bonn) - Germany
  'lmo': Leander McCormick Observatory
  'fmo': Fan Mountain Observatory
  'whitin': Whitin Observatory, Wellesley College
  'mgio': Mount Graham International Observatory

Procedure Calls


Revision History

    Written W. Landsman July 2000
    Corrected sign error for 'holi' W.L/ Holger Israel Mar 2008
    Correctly terminate when observatory name not recognized
                                              S. Koposov, July 2008

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