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  The purpose of this function is to implement a pop-up dialog widget
  for the purpose of selecting "names". Names can be names of variables,
  names of files, etc. Any string array can be used.

Calling Sequence

  selectedNames = Name_Selector(theNames)


  theNames: A string array of potential "names" that can be selected.


  ALL: Set this keyword if you wish all the names to be selected
  CANCEL: An output keyword set to 1 if the user cancels or quits the
                  program without hitting the Accept button. Set to 0 if a proper
                  selection was made and the use hits the Accept button.
  COUNT: An output keyword containing the number of elements in the return array.
  GROUP_LEADER: The widget identifier of a widget who will be the group leader
                  for this dialog. Passing a group leader is the *only* way to
                  assure the dialog will be a MODAL dialog (as opposed to a blocking
                  dialog). A GROUP_LEADER is required if you will be using this
                  function in an IDL Virtual Machine application.
  LABEL: A string that will be placed on a label above the selections.
                  If not used, no label is used in the program.
  NUMCOLS: The number of columns to organize the string array in. The default
                  is to use one column per approximately 20 strings.
  TITLE: A string that is used for the title of the dialog window. If
                  undefined, then "Selection Widget" is used.

Return Value

  selectedNames: Typically, an array of selected names. If there is only one item
                  in the selection, the variable will be a scalar string.


  See the Name_Selector_Test procedure below. I use the program to allow the
  user to select the names of scientific data sets in an HDF file for further
  reading and processing.

Modification History

  Written by David W. Fanning, 21 December 2008.
  Added a COUNT keyword. DWF. 6 January 2009.

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