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  This function returns the number density of stars in the Milky Way,
  as a function of galactic coordinates. It models a circularly
  symmetric thin and thick disk. The parameters describing these
  disks come from Bochanski et al. 2009.



Calling Sequence

  result = mwdens(l, b, d)


  l: The galactic longitude. Scalar or vector in DEGREES
  b: The galatic latitude. Scalar or vector in DEGREES.
  d: The distance from the sun. Scalar or vector in parsecs.


  The number density of stars as a function of (l,b,d). This has been
  approximately normalized, but the normalization factor may not be
  very accurate (n = .048 stars pc^-3 at the sun)

Modification History

  Sep 2009: Written by Chris Beaumont.
  Oct 2009: Galaxy parameters updated. Calling
            sequence changed. cnb.
  Nov 2009: Added normalization constant. cnb.
  Dec 2009: Removed galaxy truncation

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