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      Make a minimal primary (or IMAGE extension) FITS header


      If an array is supplied, then the created FITS header will be
      appropriate to the supplied array. Otherwise, the user can specify
      the dimensions and datatype.

Calling Sequence

      MKHDR, header ;Prompt for image size and type
      MKHDR, header, im, [ /IMAGE, /EXTEND ]
      MKHDR, header, type, naxisx, [/IMAGE, /EXTEND ]

Optional Inputs

      IM - If IM is a vector or array then the header will be made
              appropriate to the size and type of IM. IM does not have
              to be the actual data; it can be a dummy array of the same
              type and size as the data. Set IM = '' to create a dummy
              header with NAXIS = 0.
      TYPE - If 2 parameters are supplied, then the second parameter
              is interpreted as an integer giving the IDL datatype e.g.
              1 - Byte, 2 - 16 bit integer, 4 - float, 3 - Long
      NAXISX - Vector giving the size of each dimension (NAXIS1, NAXIS2,


      HEADER - image header, (string array) with required keywords
              BITPIX, NAXIS, NAXIS1, ... Further keywords can be added
              to the header with SXADDPAR.

Optional Input Keywords

      /IMAGE = If set, then a minimal header for a FITS IMAGE extension
              is created. An IMAGE extension header is identical to
              a primary FITS header except the first keyword is
              'XTENSION' = 'IMAGE' instead of 'SIMPLE ' = 'T'
      /EXTEND = If set, then the keyword EXTEND is inserted into the file,
              with the value of "T" (true). The EXTEND keyword can
              optionally be included in a primary header, if the FITS file
              contains extensions.


      (1) MKHDR should not be used to make an STSDAS header or a FITS
              ASCII or Binary Table extension header. Instead use
              SXHMAKE - to create a minimal STSDAS header
              FXBHMAKE - to create a minimal FITS binary table header
              FTCREATE - to create a minimal FITS ASCII table header
      (2) Any data already in the header before calling MKHDR
              will be destroyed.


      Create a minimal FITS header, Hdr, for a 30 x 40 x 50 INTEGER*2 array
            IDL> mkhdr, Hdr, 2, [30,40,50]
      Alternatively, if the array already exists as an IDL variable, Array,
              IDL> mkhdr, Hdr, Array

Procedures Called


Revision History

      Written November, 1988 W. Landsman
      May, 1990, Adapted for IDL Version 2.0, J. Isensee
      Aug, 1997, Use SYSTIME(), new DATE format W. Landsman
      Allow unsigned data types W. Landsman December 1999
      Set BZERO = 0 for unsigned integer data W. Landsman January 2000
      EXTEND keyword must immediately follow last NAXISi W. Landsman Sep 2000
      Add FITS definition COMMENT to primary headers W. Landsman Oct. 2001
      Allow (nonstandard) 64 bit integers W. Landsman Feb. 2003
      Add V6.0 notation W. Landsman July 2012

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