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  Return the total number of bytes in data element

Calling Sequence

      result = mgh_mgh_n_bytes(a)

Positional Parameters

  a (input, numeric or string, scalar or array)
    Data element whose size in bytes is to be returned.

Keyword Parameters

  LONG64 (input, switch)
    If set, return result as 64-bit integer. Default is long integer.

Return Value

  The total number of bytes in a is returned as an integer scalar.


  - For a string array, the number of bytes is computed after conversion
    with the BYTE() function, i.e. each element has the same length,
    equal to the maximum individual string length.

Modification History

  Written, based on N_BYTES in the IDL Astronomy Library. The
  motivation was that the return type was changed from a 32-bit
  integer to a 64-bit integer, breaking most of the code i used it

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