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    Determines which of a set of 2D coordinates are within a given distance from
    each of a vector of points. Based on JD's MATCH_2D and my MATCHALL_SPH.



Calling Sequence

    Result = MATCHALL_2D(X1, Y1, X2, Y2, MaxDistance, Nwithin)


    X1: Vector of X coordinates.
    Y1: Vector of Y coordinates.
    X2: Vector of X coordinates.
    Y2: Vector of Y coordinates.
    MaxDistance: Maximum distance.


    The function returns the list of indices of X2, Y2 that lie within
    Sphrad of each point X1,Y1. The format of the returned array is
    similar to the REVERSE_INDICES array from HISTOGRAM: the indices
    into X2,Y2 that are close enough to element i of X1,Y1 are
    contained in Result[Result[i]:Result[i+1]-1] (note, however, that
    these indices are not guaranteed to be sorted). If there are no matches,
    then Result[i] eq Result[i+1].

Optional Outputs

    Nwithin: A vector containing the number of matches for each of X1,Y1.

Keyword Parameters

    DISTANCE: Optional output containing the distances between each pair.
              The distances are stored in the same order as the Result
              array but starting at 0, i.e. if j is match number k to
              element i then
                  j = Result[Result[i]+k]
              and the distance between points i and j is


    Note that the routine is similar to finding
      WHERE( (X2-X1[i])^2 + (Y2-Y1[i])^2 LE Distance^2, Nwithin)
    for each element of X1 and Y1, but is much more efficient.
    Shows which random points are within 0.1 of various coordinates:
    nrandcoords = 5000l
    xrand = 2. * RANDOMU(seed, nrandcoords) - 1.
    yrand = 2. * RANDOMU(seed, nrandcoords) - 1.
    xcoords = [0.25, 0.5, 0.75]
    ycoords = [0.75, 0.5, 0.25]
    ncoords = N_ELEMENTS(xcoords)
    matches = MATCHALL_2D(xcoords, ycoords, xrand, yrand, 0.1, nmatches)
    PLOT, /ISO, PSYM=3, xrand, yrand
    OPLOT, PSYM=1, COLOR=FSC_COLOR('blue'), xcoords, ycoords
    OPLOT, PSYM=3, COLOR=FSC_COLOR('red'), xrand[matches[ncoords+1:*]], $

Modification History

    Written by: Jeremy Bailin
    10 June 2008 Public release in JBIU as WITHINSPHRAD
    24 April 2009 Vectorized as WITHINSPHRAD_VEC
    25 April 2009 Polished to improve memory use
    9 May 2009 Radical efficiency re-write as WITHINSPHRAD_VEC3D borrowing
                  heavily from JD Smith's MATCH_2D
    13 May 2009 Removed * from LHS index in final remapping for speed
    6 May 2010 Changed to MATCHALL_2D and just using Euclidean 2D coordinates
                    (add a bunch of stuff back in from MATCH_2D and take out a bunch
                    of angle stuff)
    25 May 2010 Bug fix to allow X2 and Y2 to have any dimension.
    9 Feb 2011 Added DISTANCE output keyword.

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