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      Plot a lat/long grid on last map.


Calling Sequence



Keyword Parameters


        XDELTA=d Longitude grid spacing in degrees (def=10).
        YDELTA=d Latitude grid spacing in degrees (def=10).
        GRIDPIX=n Approx grid spacing in pixels (def=100).
          Use either XDELTA,YDELTA, or GRIDPIX but not both.
        COLOR=clr Grid color (def=!p.color).
        BOLD=bld Bold text for labels (def=1).
        LINESTYLE=sty = Grid linestyle (def=0).
        THICKNESS=thk = Grid thickness (def=1).
        /LABELS to display grid line labels.
        CHARSIZE=csz Label character size (def=1).
        LCOLOR=lclr Label color (def=!p.color).
        MARGINS=mar Array of margins needed for the labels on
          the four sides of the map, pixels (0=bottom,1=right,...).
        /NOGRID do not plot grid (but do MARGINS).
        /NOPLOT do not plot labels (but do MARGINS).
        TICK=frac Tick length as fraction of distance from
          label to side of window. /TICK gives 0.5


Common Blocks


      Note: When the grid is too dense to label each line the
        labels start with the first grid line on each side of
        the map window, working from the bottom counter-clockwise
        and dropping labels if they crowd previous ones too much.

Modification History

      R. Sterner, 2002 Jan 02
      R. Sterner, 2002 Jan 13 --- New: xdelta, ydelta, gridpix.
      R. Sterner, 2002 Jan 23 --- Eliminated messages.
      R. Sterner, 2002 Jan 24 --- Fixed label spacing, added label ticks.
      R. Sterner, 2002 Jan 29 --- Fixed a label problem.
      R. Sterner, 2002 Jan 30 --- Allowed xdelta/ydelta=0 to autoscale.
      R. Sterner, 2002 Feb 07 --- Added /NOPLOT and LABMARGIN keywords.
      R. Sterner, 2004 Apr 01 --- Fixed minor bug in tick labels.
      R. Sterner, 2004 May 28 --- Speeded up side check (added <1000).
      R. Sterner, 2004 May 28 --- Also speeded up maplatlong call.
      R. Sterner, 2007 Oct 24 --- Added /NOGRID.
      R. Sterner, 2010 Jun 08 --- Converted arrays from () to [].
      R. Sterner, 2010 Jun 08 --- Corrected grid plot and delta.
      R. Sterner, 2010 Jun 09 --- Changed to use /b60 on naxes calls.
      R. Sterner, 2010 Jun 30 --- Allows xy plots, not just maps.
  Copyright (C) 2002, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
  This software may be used, copied, or redistributed as long as it is not
  sold and this copyright notice is reproduced on each copy made. This
  routine is provided as is without any express or implied warranties
  whatsoever. Other limitations apply as described in the file disclaimer.txt.

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