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  Given a list of IDL procedure files (.PRO), VMS text library
      files (.TLB), or directories that contain such files, this procedure
      generates a file in the HTML format that contains the documentation
      for those routines that contain a DOC_LIBRARY style documentation
      template. The output file is compatible with World Wide Web browsers.


  Help, documentation.

Calling Sequence

  MAKE_CATLIB_HELP, Sources, Outfile


    Sources: A string or string array containing the name(s) of the
    .pro or .tlb files (or the names of directories containing
              such files) for which help is desired. If a source file is
              a VMS text library, it must include the .TLB file extension.
              If a source file is an IDL procedure, it must include the .PRO
              file extension. All other source files are assumed to be
    Outfile: The name of the output file which will be generated.


    TITLE: If present, a string which supplies the name that
    should appear as the Document Title for the help.
    VERBOSE: Normally, MAKE_CATLIB_HELP does its work silently.
    Setting this keyword to a non-zero value causes the procedure
    to issue informational messages that indicate what it
    is currently doing. !QUIET must be 0 for these messages
              to appear.
    STRICT: If this keyword is set to a non-zero value, MAKE_CATLIB_HELP will
              adhere strictly to the HTML format by scanning the
              the document headers for characters that are reserved in
              HTML (<,>,&,"). These are then converted to the appropriate
              HTML syntax in the output file. By default, this keyword
              is set to zero (to allow for faster processing).

Common Blocks


Side Effects

  A help file with the name given by the Outfile argument is


  The following rules must be followed in formatting the .pro
  files that are to be searched.
    (a) The first line of the documentation block contains
        only the characters ";+", starting in column 1.
              (b) There must be a line which contains the string "NAME:",
                  which is immediately followed by a line containing the
                  name of the procedure or function being described in
                  that documentation block. If this NAME field is not
                  present, the name of the source file will be used.
    (c) The last line of the documentation block contains
        only the characters ";-", starting in column 1.
    (d) Every other line in the documentation block contains
        a ";" in column 1.
      Note that a single .pro file can contain multiple procedures and/or
      functions, each with their own documentation blocks. If it is desired
      to have "invisible" routines in a file, i.e. routines which are only
      for internal use and should not appear in the help file, simply leave
      out the ";+" and ";-" lines in the documentation block for those
  No reformatting of the documentation is done.

Modification History

      July 5, 1995, DD, RSI. Original version.
      July 13, 1995, Mark Rivers, University of Chicago. Added support for
              multiple source directories and multiple documentation
              headers per .pro file.
      July 17, 1995, DD, RSI. Added code to alphabetize the subjects;
              At the end of each description block in the HTML file,
              added a reference to the source .pro file.
      July 18, 1995, DD, RSI. Added STRICT keyword to handle angle brackets.
      July 19, 1995, DD, RSI. Updated STRICT to handle & and ".
              Changed calling sequence to accept .pro filenames, .tlb
              text librarie names, and/or directory names.
              Added code to set default subject to name of file if NAME
              field is not present in the doc header.
      20 August 2003. Modified to search SUPERCLASS objects for hyperlinks. David Fanning.

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