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  The loopLister object class provides a standard way to provide
  status updates during long looping operations. A loopLister object
  is used as follows:
    ;- create the object
    list = obj_new('looplister', numIterations, reportFrequency)
  for i = 0, numIterations, 1 do begin
      list->report, i
      <other code here>
    ;- destroy the object
    obj_destroy, list
  At each invocation of the method list->report, the list object
  checks to see if more than reportFrequency seconds have passed
  since its last report. If so, then it prints some information about
  how much time has elapsed and remains in the looping process. Note
  that, as with all objects, the obj_destroy procedure must be called
  to dispose of the object when it is done. Otherwise, it hangs
  around and can take up memory (use heap_gc to delete all unused



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