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Plot spectrum with specified line identifications annotated at the
top of the plot.

Calling Sequence

lineid_plot, wave, flux, wline, text1, [ text2,
LCHARSIZE=, LCHARTHICK=, EXTEND =, ...plotting keywords]


wave - wavelength vector for the plot
flux - flux vector
wline - wavelength vector of line identifications. (only the lines
between the plot limits will be used)
text1 - string array of text to be used to annotate each line
text2 - (OPTIONAL) second string array of text to be used for
line annotation. Since the text is written with
proportional spaced characters, TEXT2 can be used if
you want two sets of annotation to be alinged:
eg: Cr IV 1390.009
Fe V 1390.049
Ni IV 1390.184
instead of
Cr IV 1390.009
Fe V 1390.049
Ni IV 1390.184

Optional Keyword Inputs

EXTEND - specifies that the annotated lines should have a dotted line
extended to the spectrum to indicate the line position.
EXTEND can be a scalar (applies to all lines) or a vector with
a different value for each line. The value of EXTEND gives
the line IDL plot line thickness for the dotted lines.
If EXTEND is a vector each dotted line can have a different
thickness. A value of 0 indicates that no dotted line is to
be drawn. (default = scalar 0)
LCHARSIZE - the character size of the annotation for each line.
If can be a vector so that different lines are annotated with
different size characters. LCHARSIZE can be used to make
stronger lines have a larger annotation. (default = scalar 1.0).
LCHARTHICK = the character thickness of the annotation for each line.
It can be a vector so that different lines are annotated with
characters of varying thickness. LCHARTHICK can be used to
make stronger lines have a bolder annotation.
(default = !p.charthick)
LINEID_PLOT uses the _EXTRA facility to allow the use of any cgPLOT
keywords (e.g. AXISCOLOR, LINESTYLE, CHARSIZE) to be passed to the

Side Effects

Program uses SET_VIEWPORT to set the !P.POSITION parameter to allow
room for the annotation. This system variable can be reset to the
default value by setting !P.POSTION=0 or typing SET_VIEWPORT with no


Operational Notes

Once the program has completed, You can use OPLOT to draw additional
plots on the display.
If your annotated characters are not being rotated properly,
try setting !P.FONT to a non zero value.


Annotate some interstellar lines between 1240 and 1270 A.
IDL> w = 1240+ indgen(300)*0.1 ;Make a wavelength vector
IDL> f = randomn(seed,300) ;Random flux vector
IDL> id = ['N V','Si II','Si II','Si II'] ;Line IDs
IDL> wl = [1242.80,1260.42,1264.74,1265.00] ;Line positions
IDL> lineid_plot,w,f,wl,id,wl,/ext
Note that LINEID_PLOT is smart enough not to overlap the annotation
for the two closely spaced lines at 1264.74 and 1265.00


version 1 D. Lindler Jan, 1992
Sept 27, 1993 DJL fixed bug in /extend option
Apr 19, 1994 DJL corrected bug in sorting of charthick (cthick)
Sep 1996, W. Landsman, added _EXTRA keyword, changed keyword names
      Work with !P.MULTI W. Landsman December 2003
      Use Coyote graphics routines W. Landsman February 2011

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