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    Write the current iTool window to a graphic file.


    iTools graphics and display.

Calling Sequence



filename : String containing the name of the file to save the graphic to. The default is
'itool_graphic'. The appropriate file suffix is automatically apended to
the filename. If not specified with the TYPE keyword, the default file type is PNG.


    TYPE : Output file type. Options are: 'BMP', 'EPS', 'JPEG', 'JEPG2000',
'GIF', 'PICT', 'PNG', 'TIFF'. The default is 'PNG'.
    SCALE : Scale factor. Ratio of the output window size to the on-screen
window size. The default is 1.0.
    BIT_DEPTH : BMP, PNG, and TIFF file types support an optional bit-depth
parameter. Permissible values are '8 bit', '24 bit', or 'Automatic'.
The default value is 'Automatic'.
    BITMAP : If set and type is 'EPS', then create a bitmap image in an
EPS file. The default is to create vector EPS output.
    CMYK : If set and type is 'EPS', then use the CMYK color model for
the output. The default is to use the RGB color model.
    GRAYSCALE : If set, JPEG files are written as grayscale images. The default
is to write truecolor images.
    QUALITY : Optional quality parameter for JPEG images. Integer value between
0 (worst) and 100 (best). The default value is 75.
    REVERSIBLE : Optional quality parameter for JPEG2000 images. If set, use lossless
compression. The default is to use wavelet compression.
    N_LEVELS : Optional number of wavelet levels for JPEG2000 images. This should be an
integer value between 1 and 15. The default value is 5.
    N_LAYERS : Optional number of image layers for JPEG2000 images. This should be an
integer value between 1 and 32766. The default value is 1.
    COMPRESSION : TIFF files suppport an optional compression parameter. Permissible
values are 'None', 'Packbits', or 'JPEG'. The default is 'None'.
    CLOBBER : If set and output file already exists, attempt to delete it.
    VERBOSE : if set, print verbose informational messages.


    Graphic file written using selected format.

Modification History

    Kenneth P. Bowman, 2008-03-15.
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3150

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