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    Create a series of images by spinning an iTools visualization. These can be
combined to create an animation using various software (IDL or others).
NOTE WELL: this program deletes all existing files of the specified type
in the output directory.


    Graphics and display.

Calling Sequence

    ITOOL_SPIN_MOVIE_KPB[, rotation, nframes, axis, directory]


rotation : rotation increment between each frame (degrees). Default is 10.
nframes : number of frames to create. Default is 36.
axis : 3-element array specifying the rotation axis in the user data
coordinate space. For example, [0, 0, 1] rotates the volume around
the z-axis. Default is [0, 0, 1]
directory : name of directory into which PNG files are written. Default is


    ITOOL_ID : ID of an active iTool. If omitted, the default is to use the current iTool.
    VIEW : Optional name of the view to rotate. Passed to ITOOL_ROTATE_VIEW_KPB.
    EXTRA_STEP : If set, rotate one extra step but do not save a frame. This is useful for
360 degree rotations to return the view to its original position without
creating a frame that duplicates the first frame (e.g., for looping).
SAVE_FRAMES : If set, write files to specified directory.
TYPE : If set, create files of specified type. Default is 'PNG'.
    VERBOSE : If set, print verbose informational messages.


    PNG files.

Modification History

    K. Bowman, 2006-01-11.

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