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    Write IDL data in IRAF (OIF) format (.imh and .pix files).


    Does the reverse of IRAFRD. IRAFWRT writes the "old" IRAF format
    used prior to v2.11. However, this "old" format is still readable by
    the current version of IRAF.

Calling Sequence

    IRAFWRT, image, hdr, filename, [ PIXDIR = ]


    image - array containing data
    hdr - The corresponding FITS header. Use MKHDR to create a minimal
            FITS header if one does not already exist.
    filename - Scalar string giving the name of the file to be written
            Should not include the extension name, which will be supplied
            by IRAFWRT.



Optional Keyword Input

      PIXDIR - scalar string specifying the directory into which to write
              the IRAF pixel (.pix) file. The default is to write the pixel
              file to the same directory as the header (.imh) file

Side Effects

      Image array and FITS header are written to IRAF pixel file
              'filename'.pix and header file 'filename'.imh


      Write an empty 50 x 50 array of all zeros to an IRAF file named 'EMPTY'
      IDL> im = intarr( 50, 50) ;Create empty array
      IDL> mkhdr, hdr, im ;Create a minimal FITS header
      IDL> irafwrt, im, hdr, 'empty' ;Write to a IRAF file named 'empty'


      IRAFWRT gets information about the data - image dimensions, size,
      datatype, maximum and minimum pixel values - and writes it into
      the binary part of the header. The ASCII part of the header
      is directly copied after deleting records with certain keywords
      A pixel file is created, with a header in the first 1024 bytes


      (1) The files are not created by IRAFWRT are not identical to those
              created by the IRAF routine rfits. However, the files
              created by IRAFWRT appear to be compatible with all the IRAF
              routines tested so far.
      (2) IRAFWRT has been tested on a limited number of data types
      (3) IRAFWRT has only been tested on Unix and VMS systems.

Procedures Called


Modification History

      Written K. Venkatakrishna, STX February 1992
      VMS compatibility W. Landsman April 1992
      Work with headers without DATE-OBS or ORIGIN August 1992
      Preserve HISTORY records with other FITS records March 1995
      Fix case where a minimal FITS header supplied August 1995
      Work under Alpha/OSF and Linux Dec. 1995
      Make sureheader has 80 char lines, use IS_IEEE_BIG() May 1997
      Don't apply strlowcase to .pix name W. Landsman April 1999
      Work with double precision W. Landsman May 1999
      Minimize use of obsolete !ERR W. Landsman Feb. 2000
      Assume since V5.5, remove VMS support W. Landsman Sep. 2006

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