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      Read an IRAF (.imh) file into IDL image and header arrays.


      The internal IRAF format changed somewhat in IRAF V2.11 to a machine
      independent format, with longer filename allocations. This version
      of IRAFRD should be able to read either format.

Calling Sequence

      IRAFRD, im, hdr, filename, [/SILENT ]

Optional Input

      FILENAME - Character string giving the name of the IRAF image
              header. If omitted, then program will prompt for the
              file name. IRAFRD always assumes the header file has an
              extension '.imh'. IRAFRD will automatically locate the
              ".pix" file containing the data by parsing the contents of
              the .imh file. (If the parse is unsuccesful, then IRAFRD looks
              in the same directory as the .imh file.)


      IM - array containing image data
      HDR - string array containing header. Basic information in the
              IRAF header is converted to a FITS style header

Optional Input Keywords

      /SILENT - If this keyword is set and non-zero, then messages displayed
              while reading the image will be suppressed.


      (1) Image size and history sections of the IRAF header are copied
              into the FITS header HDR. Other information (e.g. astrometry)
              might not be included unless it is also in the history section
      (2) IRAFRD ignores the node name when deciphering the name of the
              IRAF ".pix" file.
      (3) Certain FITS keywords ( DATATYPE, IRAFNAME) may appear more than
              once in the output name
      (4) Does not read the DATE keyword for the new (V2.11) IRAF files


      IRAFRD obtains dimensions and type of image from the IRAF header.

Procedures Called


Modification History

      Written W. Landsman, STX January 1989
      Converted to IDL Version 2. M. Greason, STX, June 1990
      Updated for DecStation compatibility W. Landsman March 1992
      Don't leave an open LUN W. Landsman July 1993
      Don't overwrite existing OBS-DATE W. Landsman October 1994
      Don't bomb on very long FITS headers W. Landsman April 1995
      Work on Alpha/OSF and Linux W. Landsman Dec 1995
      Remove /VMSIMG keyword, improve efficiency when physical and
              image dimensions differ W. Landsman April 1996
      Don't use FINDFILE (too slow) W. Landsman Oct 1996
      Read V2.11 files, remove some parameter checks W. Landsman Nov. 1997
      Fixed problem reading V2.11 files with long headers Jan. 1998
      Accept names with multiple extensions W. Landsman April 98
      Test for big endian machine under V2.11 format W. Landsman Feb. 1999
      Don't read past the end of file for V5.4 compatilibity W.L. Jan. 2001
      Convert to square brackets W.L May 2001
      Assume since V5.4, remove SPEC_DIR() W. L. April 2006

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