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This function returns the coordinates of the boxes defining the
requested geographical regions selected for use in the IPCC AR4 of WG1.



Calling Sequence

Result = ipcc_regions( Shortname )


Shortname: A vector or scalar of strings containing the abbreviated
three letter names of the regions to request. Of length NREG.

Keyword Parameters

LAND: Returns a binary vector or scalar containing 1 if the region
is specifically for land only, 0 otherwise.
NAME: Returns a vector or scalar of strings containing the full names
of the requested regions. Of length NREG.
OCEAN: Returns a binary vector or scalar containing 1 if the region
is specifically for ocean/sea only, 0 otherwise.


Returns: Returns an array of size 4*NREG containing the geographical
boundaries of the boxes defining the requested regions. The
elements [*,I] contain the [ westernmost longitude, $
southernmost latitude, easternmost longitude, $
northernmost latitude ] boundaries for requested region I.




This function selects from the region information provided by David
Stainforth and David Sexton.


result = ipcc_regions( 'SSA', name=name )
This should return:
result = [-75,-55,-40,-20]
name = 'Southern South America'


Giorgi, F. 2002. Variability and trends of sub-continental scale
surface climate in the twentieth century. Part I: observations.
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Giorgi, F., and R. Francisco. 2000. Uncertainties in regional climate
change prediction: a regional analysis of ensemble simulations
with the HADCM2 coupled AOGCM. Climate Dynamics, 16, 169-182.
Ruosteenoja, K., T. R. Carter, K. Jylha, and H. Tuomenvirta. 2003.
Future climate in world regions: an intercomparison of
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The Finnish Environment, 644, Finnish Environment Institute,
83 pp.

Modification History

Written by: Daithi A. Stone (stoned@atm.ox.ac.uk), 2005-09-09
Modified: DAS, 2006-01-16 (Converted from Giorgi regions to IPCC
AR4 WG1 regions; added global regions; changed name
from giorgi_regions.pro)
Modified: DAS, 2006-04-26 (added NAT,SAT regions)
Modified: DAS, 2006-08-02 (switched to revised IPCC AR4 WG1
abbreviated names: SEU-SEM, AR3-ARC, and AN2-ANT)
Modified: DAS, 2006-10-18 (added some region definitions used by
Modified: DAS, 2007-01-04 (added hemispheric regions NHS and SHS)
Modified: DAS, 2007-07-05 (added cpdn region CGI2)
Modified: DAS, 2008-08-04 (duplicated NAT, SAT with NAC, SAC)
Modified: DAS, 2009-09-30 (added SADC region)

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