The IDLffXMLDOMNamedNodeMap class is a container for nodes (see IDLffXMLDOMNode and its subclasses) and uses the node’s name to access the nodes in the container.

For example, consider this XML:

<show title="My Title" date="Nov 12, 1999" author="Me">

The entire line is a DOM element node. A GetAttributes call returns a NamedNodeMap that contains three attribute node objects. The attribute node object containing the date, for example, has a node name of ‘date’ and a node value of ‘Nov 12, 1999’.

The benefit of the named node map is that the nodes are accessed by their node names. Thus, to access the date node, you would use the string ‘date’ and would not have to worry about its position in the list.




See IDLffXMLDOMNamedNodeMap::Init.


Objects of this class have no properties of their own, but do have properties inherited from any superclasses.


This class has the following methods:

In addition, this class inherits the methods of any superclasses.

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