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      Converts a string with angular coordinates to floating point values.


      Although called by ASTRO.PRO, this is a general purpose routine.
      The user may input as floating point or sexagesimal. If user inputs
      calling procedure's job to convert hours to degrees if needed.
      Since the input string is parsed character-by-character, ANY character
      that is not a digit, minus sign or decimal point may be used as a
      delimiter, i.e. acceptable examples of user input are:
      1:03:55 -10:15:31
      1 3 55.0 -10 15 31
      1*3 55 -10abcd15efghij31
      1.065278 hello -10.25861

Calling Sequence

      GET_COORDS, Coords, [ PromptString, NumVals, INSTRING =, /QUIET ]

Optional Input

      PromptString - A string to inform the user what data are to be entered

Optional Keyword Input

      InString - a keyword that, if set, is assumed to already contain the
              input data string to be parsed. If this keyword is set, then
              the user is not prompted for any input.
      /Quiet - if set the program won't printout any error messages, but bad
              input is still flagged by Coords=[-999,-999].


      Coords - a 2 element floating array containing the coordinates. The
              vector [-999,-999] is returned if there has been an error.

Optional Output

      NumVals - the number of separate values entered by the user: 2 if the
              user entered the coordinates as floating point numbers, 6 if
              the user entered the coordinates as sexagesimal numbers. Some
              calling procedures might find this information useful (e.g., to
              to print some output in the same format as the user's input).

Revision History

      Written by Joel Parker, 5 MAR 90
      Included InString and Quiet keywords. Cleaned up some of the code and
      comments. JWmP, 16 Jun 94
      Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997

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