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      Returns true if UNIT points to an open FITS binary table.
  Explanation : This procedure checks to see if the logical unit number given
              by the variable UNIT corresponds to a FITS binary table opened
              for read with the command FXBOPEN, and which has not yet been
              closed with FXBCLOSE.
  Use : Result = FXBISOPEN(UNIT)
              If FXBISOPEN(UNIT) THEN ...
  Inputs : UNIT = Logical unit number returned by FXBOPEN routine.
                        Must be a scalar integer.
  Opt. Inputs : None.
  Outputs : The result of the function is either True (1) or False (0),
              depending on whether UNIT points to an open binary table or
  Opt. Outputs: None.
  Keywords : None.
  Common : Uses common block FXBINTABLE--see "fxbintable.pro" for more
  Restrictions: None.
  Side effects: If UNIT is an undefined variable, then False (0) is returned.
              If UNIT points to a FITS binary table file that is opened for
              write, then False (0) is returned.
  Category : Data Handling, I/O, FITS, Generic.
  Prev. Hist. : None.
  Written : William Thompson, GSFC, 1 July 1993.
  Modified : Version 1, William Thompson, GSFC, 1 July 1993.
  Version : Version 1, 1 July 1993.
      Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997

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