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      Procedure to add or update a field in an FITS ASCII table

Calling Sequence

      FTPUT, htab, tab, field, row, values, [ nulls ]


      htab - FITS ASCII table header string array
      tab - FITS ASCII table array (e.g. as read by READFITS)
      field - string field name or integer field number
      row - either a non-negative integer scalar giving starting row to
              update, or a non-negative integer vector specifying rows to
              update. FTPUT will append a new row to a table if the value
              of 'row' exceeds the number of rows in the tab array
      values - value(s) to add or update. If row is a vector
              then values must contain the same number of elements.

Optional Input

      nulls - null value flag of same length as values.
              It should be set to 1 at null value positions
              and 0 elsewhere.


      htab,tab will be updated as specified.


      One has a NAME and RA and Dec vectors for 500 stars with formats A6,
      F9.5 and F9.5 respectively. Write this information to an ASCII table
      named 'star.fits'.
      IDL> FTCREATE,24,500,h,tab ;Create table header and (empty) data
      IDL> FTADDCOL,h,tab,'RA',8,'F9.5','DEGREES' ;Explicity define the
      IDL> FTADDCOL,h,tab,'DEC',8,'F9.5','DEGREES' ;RA and Dec columns
      IDL> FTPUT,h,tab,'RA',0,ra ;Insert RA vector into table
      IDL> FTPUT,h,tab,'DEC',0,dec ;Insert DEC vector into table
      IDL> FTPUT, h,tab, 'NAME',0,name ;Insert NAME vector with default
      IDL> WRITEFITS,'stars.fits',tab,h ;Write to a file
      Note that (1) explicit formatting has been supplied for the (numeric)
      RA and Dec vectors, but was not needed for the NAME vector, (2) A width
      of 24 was supplied in FTCREATE based on the expected formats (6+9+9),
      though the FT* will adjust this value as necessary, and (3) WRITEFITS
      will create a minimal primary header


      (1) If the specified field is not already in the table, then FTPUT will
      create a new column for that field using default formatting. However,
        FTADDCOL should be called prior to FTPUT for explicit formatting.

Procedures Called



      version 1 D. Lindler July, 1987
      Allow E format W. Landsman March 1992
      Write in F format if E format will overflow April 1994
      Update documentation W. Landsman January 1996
      Allow 1 element vector W. Landsman March 1996
      Adjust string length to maximum of input string array June 1997
      Work for more than 32767 elements August 1997
      Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997
      Updated call to the new FTINFO W. Landsman May 2000
      Fix case where header does not have any columns yet W.Landsman Sep 2002
      Assume since V5.2, omit fstring() call W. Landsman April 2006

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