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Delete a column of data from a FITS table

Calling Sequence

ftdelcol, h, tab, name
h,tab - FITS table header and data array. H and TAB will
be updated with the specified column deleted


name - Either (1) a string giving the name of the column to delete
or (2) a scalar giving the column number to delete


Suppose it has been determined that the F7.2 format used for a field
FLUX in a FITS table is insufficient. The old column must first be
deleted before a new column can be written with a new format.
flux = FTGET(h,tab,'FLUX') ;Save the existing values
FTDELCOL,h,tab,'FLUX' ;Delete the existing column
FTADDCOL,h,tab,'FLUX',8,'F9.2' ;Create a new column with larger format
FTPUT,h,tab,'FLUX',0,flux ;Put back the original values

Revision History

Written W. Landsman STX Co. August, 1988
Adapted for IDL Version 2, J. Isensee, July, 1990
Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997
      Updated call to new FTINFO W. Landsman May 2000

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