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    Display selected FITS keywords from the headers of FITS files.


    The values of either user-specified or default FITS keywords are
    displayed in either the primary header and/or the first extension header.
    Unless the /NOSIZE keyword is set, the data size is also displayed.
    The default keywords are as follows (with keywords in 2nd row used if
    those in the first row not found, and the 3rd row if neither the keywords
    in the first or second rows found:)
    DATE OBSERVAT EXPOSURE ;Second Alternative
                  INSTRUME EXPTIM ;Third Alternative
      FITSDIR will also recognize gzip compressed files (must have a .gz
      or FTZ extension).

Calling Sequence

                            ALT1_KEYWORDS= ,ALT2_KEYWORDS = ,ALT3_KEYWORDS =

Optional Input Parameters

    DIRECTORY - Scalar string giving file name, disk or directory to be
            searched. Wildcard file names are allowed. Examples of
            valid names include 'iraf/*.fits' (Unix), d:\myfiles\f*.fits',
            (Windows) or 'Macintosh HD:Files:*c0f.fits' (Macintosh).

Optional Keyword Input Parameter

      KEYWORDS - FITS keywords to display, as either a vector of strings or as
                a comma delimited scalar string, e.g.'testname,dewar,filter'
                If not supplied, then the default keywords are 'DATE-OBS',
      ALT1_KEYWORDS - A list (either a vector of strings or a comma delimited
                strings of alternative keywords to use if the default
                KEYWORDS cannot be found. By default, 'TDATEOBS', is the
                alternative to DATE-OBS, 'TELNAME' for 'TELESCOP','TARGNAME'
                for 'OBJECT', and 'INTEG' for EXPTIME
      ALT2_KEYWORDS - A list (either a vector of strings or a comma delimited
                strings of alternative keywords to use if neither KEYWORDS
                nor ALT1_KEYWORDS can be found.
      ALT3_KEYWORDS - A list (either a vector of strings or a comma delimited
                strings of alternative keywords to use if neither KEYWORDS
                nor ALT1_KEYWORDS nor ALT2_KEYWORDS can be found.
      /NOSIZE - if set then information about the image size is not displayed
      TEXTOUT - Controls output device as described in TEXTOPEN procedure
              textout=1 TERMINAL using /more option
              textout=2 TERMINAL without /more option
              textout=3 <program>.prt
              textout=4 laser.tmp
              textout=5 user must open file
              textout=7 Append to existing <program>.prt file
              textout = filename (default extension of .prt)
      EXTEN - Specifies an extension number (/EXTEN works for first extension)
              which is checked for the desired keywords.
      /NOTELESCOPE - If set, then if the default keywords are used, then the
                TELESCOPE (or TELNAME, OBSERVAT, INSTRUME) keywords are omitted
                to give more room for display other keywords. The /NOTELESCOP
                keyword has no effect if the default keywords are not used.

Output Parameters



  (1) Print info on all'*.fits' files in the current directory using default
          keywords. Include information from the extension header
      IDL> fitsdir,/exten
  (2) Write a driver program to display selected keywords in HST/ACS drizzled
      (*drz) images
        pro acsdir
        keywords = 'date-obs,targname,detector,filter1,filter2,exptime'
        return & end
  (3) Write info on all *.fits files in the Unix directory /usr2/smith, to a
      file 'smith.txt' using the default keywords, but don't display the value
        of the TELESCOPE keyword
      IDL> fitsdir ,'/usr2/smith/*.fits',t='smith.txt', /NoTel


      FILE_SEARCH() is used to find the specified FITS files. The
      header of each file is read, and the selected keywords are extracted.
      The formatting is adjusted so that no value is truncated on display.

System Variables

      TEXTOPEN (called by FITSDIR) will automatically define the following
      non-standard system variables if they are not previously defined:

Procedures Used


Modification History

      Written, W. Landsman, HSTX February, 1993
      Search alternate keyword names W.Landsman October 1998
      Avoid integer truncation for NAXISi >32767 W. Landsman July 2000
      Don't leave open unit W. Landsman July 2000
      Added EXTEN keyword, work with compressed files, additional alternate
      keywords W. Landsman December 2000
      Don't assume floating pt. exposure time W. Landsman September 2001
      Major rewrite, KEYWORD & ALT*_KEYWORDS keywords, no truncation,
            /NOSIZE keyword W. Landsman, SSAI August 2002
      Assume V5.3 or later W. Landsman November 2002
      Fix case where no keywords supplied W. Landsman January 2003
      NAXIS* values must be integers W. Landsman SSAI June 2003
      Trim spaces off of input KEYWORD values W. Landsman March 2004
      Treat .FTZ extension as gzip compressed W. Landsman September 2004
      Assume since V5.5, file_search() available W. Landsman Aug 2006
      Don't assume all images compressed or uncompressed W. L. Apr 2010
      Use V6.0 notation W.L. Feb 2011

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