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  Fill regions with a colour on a plot of data from the UVic Climate



Calling Sequence

  Fill_Regions, map,x,y,ctab $
                  , NO_EXTEND = no_extend $
                  , NO_RLE = no_rle $
                  , LINE_FILL = line_fill


  map: an integer two-dimensional array defining the regions with
        different integers.
    map[i,j] = 0 --> skip
    Abs(map[i,j]) gt 0 --> colour a rectangle centred on x[i],y[j] using
    the value in map as the index to an array of colour table values
  x: a vector of coordinates corresponding to the x (first) axis of
      the array map.
  y: a vector of coordinates corresponding to the y (second) axis of
      the array map.
  ctab: the colours to use when drawing the contents of map. The
          contents of ctab give the colour table entry to use for the
          regions in map corresponding to the array indicies of ctab.

Keyword Parameters

  NO_EXTEND: Setting this keyword prevents extending the regions
              one half of a grid cell outward.
  NO_RLE: Do not use the run-length encoding scheme. The RLE
            scheme reduces the size of most postscript output that
            includes a call to this procedure by reducing the number
            of instructions in the resulting file.
  LINE_FILL: Use a line fill instead of a solid fill. The
              orientation of the lines depends on the regions
              "value" in map.

Side Effects

  The contents of the current graphics device are changed.

Modification History

  Written by: Edward C. Wiebe, 1999-02-12.

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