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  Craig B. Markwardt, NASA/GSFC Code 662, Greenbelt, MD 20770


  Sets an IDL breakpoint

Calling Sequence

  DXBREAK, LINE ; current procedure (OR)"
  DXBREAK, 'PROCNAME', LINE ; named procedure (OR)"
  DXBREAK, 'path/procname.pro', LINE ; procedure path (OR)"
  DXBREAK, PROCNAME, LINE ; without quotes"


  DXBREAK is a convenience routine for setting IDL breakpoints.
  The benefits over the built-in IDL procedure BREAKPOINT are:
    * fewer characters to type;
    * full pathname not required, just a procedure name; and
    * for breakpoints within the current procedure, the file name
      is not needed.
  To clear breakpoints, use either DXCLEAR or BREAKPOINT, /CLEAR.


  LINE - the line number where the breakpoint is to be set. This
          value is required.
  PROCNAME - the procedure name in which the breakpoint is to be
              set. Note that IDL requires that a procedure be
              compiled on disk -- console-compiled or .RUN files
              cannot have breakpoints set.
              The name is one of:
                * the procedure or function name;
                * the full path to the procedure or function; OR
                * an unquoted procedure or function name.
              DXBREAK will search your path to find the correct
              procedure. The first file found will be used.


  ONCE - if set, then the breakpoint will only occur once. The same
          as the ONCE keyword to BREAKPOINT.
  IS_FUNCTION - if set, and there is an ambiguity between whether
                PROCNAME is a procedure or a function, then DXBREAK
                will assume that it is a function.


  dxbreak, 'myfunc', 50
  Set breakpoint in MYFUNC at line 50.

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Modification History

  Written, 15 Apr 2000
  Addition of NOCATCH keyword for internal testing, 21 Sep 2000, CM
  Made mostly compatible with IDL v4, 21 Sep 2000, CM
  Added AFTER keyword, 13 Dec 2000, CM
  Removed AFTER, use _EXTRA instead, 08 Apr 2001, CM

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