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routine to replace value of an item in a data base entry

Calling Sequence

dbxput, val, entry, idltype, sbyte, nbytes


val - value(s) to be placed into entry, string values might be
truncated to fit number of allowed bytes in item
entry - entry or entries to be updated
idltype - idl data type for item (1-7)
sbyte - starting byte in record
nbytes - total number of bytes in value added


entry - (updated)

Operational Notes

This routine assumes that the calling procedure or user knows what he
or she is doing. String items are truncated or padded to the fixed
size specified by the database but otherwise no validity checks are


version 1, D. Lindler Aug, 1986
converted to IDL Version 2. M. Greason, STX, June 1990.
Work with multiple element string items W. Landsman August 1995
Really work with multiple element string items
R. Bergman/W. Landsman July 1996
Work with multiple entries, R. Schwartz, GSFC/SDAC August 1996
Use /overwrite with REFORM() W. Landsman May 1997
Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997

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