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Subroutine of DBFIND() to search a vector for specified values

Calling Sequence

dbsearch, type, svals, values, good, [ /FULLSTRING, COUNT = ]


type - type of search (output from dbfparse)
svals - search values (output from dbfparse)
values - array of values to search


good - indices of good values

Optional Input Keyword

/FULLSTRING - By default, one has a match if a search string is
included in any part of a database value (substring match).
But if /FULLSTRING is set, then all characters in the database
value must match the search string (excluding leading and
trailing blanks). Both types of string searches are case

Optional Output Keyword

      COUNT - Integer scalar giving the number of valid matches

Side Effects

The obsolete system variable !ERR is set to number of good values

Revision History

D. Lindler July,1987
      Added COUNT keyword, deprecate !ERR W. Landsman March 2000
      Some speed improvements W.L. August 2008
      Add compound operators, slightly faster WL November 2009

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